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Group type: Seasonal Classes
Schedule: Second Saturday of the Month @ 7am in the Back Classroom
Season: "School Year" Group Attributes: Childcare provided
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This group is open to new members.
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Porterbrook is a designed to help you learn more about Christ and your walk with the context of your church family.

It's simply a monthly two hour discussion that's informed by you reading some material about a topic in advance.

Don't be intimidated! The material is very accessible while also being sufficiently challenging.

We would love to have you join us!
  • 1. Join the group (click the "Join this Group"button. (this just gets you in the loop of communication about the details of the class).
  • 2. Download the appropriate unit (see below link and schedule)...
  • 3. Read the material... (mark it up and be ready to ask questions!)...
  • 4. Come ready to share and discuss what you read...and how it has impacted you!

Units ($30ea) can be purchased online at:

Remember...Please download and read the material in advance of attending!

Monthly Schedule:


  • Gospel Change (Sept 9) • facilitated by Danny Wright
  • The Bible in Missional Perspective (Oct 14) • facilitated by Danny Wright
  • Gospel Community (Nov 11) • facilitated by Marshall Gipe


  • Evangelism (Jan 13)
  • Gospel Living (Feb 10)
  • Understanding God’s Story (Mar 10)
  • Keeping it Missional (Apr 14)
  • Apologetics (May 12)
  • Gospel Relationships (Sep 8)
  • Union with Christ (Oct 13)
  • Church History in Missional Perspective (Nov 10)


  • Engaging with Context (Jan)
  • Living the Cross and Resurrection (Feb)
  • Bible Truth in Missional Perspective (Mar)
  • Missional Church and Church Planting (Apr)
  • Culture (May)
  • Pastoral Care 1 (Sep)
  • The Holy Spirit (Oct)
  • Understanding Leadership (Nov)


  • Christian Imagination (Jan)
  • Pastoral Care 2 (Feb)
  • Bible Teaching in Missional Perspective (Mar)
  • Beyond the Church Plant (Apr)
  • Evangelism and Social Action (May)
  • Upcoming Events
  • Members
  • Danny Wright (Leader)

  • Marshall Gipe (Leader)

  • Andrea Miller

  • Brian Reifsnider

  • Charity Wright

  • Debbie Talbott

  • Doug Wise

  • Frank Szymanski

  • Greg Moler

  • Jamin Crist

  • Janell Claudy

  • Jason Bloomingdale

  • Justin Palmer

  • Kellie Eikenberry

  • Kyle Lehman

  • Libby Lehman

  • Lin Kauffman

  • Linda Fourman

  • Linda Moler

  • Linda Troutwine

  • Lisa Rankin

  • Lori Palmer

  • Marco Rankin

  • Marcus Shively

  • Michael Fourman

  • Monty Stump

  • Neal Hans

  • Nicole Yost

  • Patrick Kauffman

  • Peter Eikenberry

  • Rick Claudy

  • Rob Miller

  • Sonya Crist

  • Stephanie Szymanski